Open garden for Church Fabric Appeal

Last summer, Moira Hookham had her garden open to the public and the money raised was kindly given to our Fabric Appeal Fund. Moira sent us these photos of her lovely garden and we asked her to share her thoughts on Heylipol church…

For several years, when our boys were teenagers, our family enjoyed many surfing holidays on Tiree. Well to be more accurate, the boys did a lot of surfing while I was either reading or cycling. The church at Heylipol was often the central point of the various loops I did. I would go into the church and it was a place of peace, a place where it was easy to turn your mind to God. The stained glass and light fittings were a reminder of past generations who worshipped God, the notice boards of current activities and missionary partners a reminder of today’s congregation and the jeeps with surf boards on top Рthe visiting congregation!

There was much simple beauty but yet easy to see that the building was in need of some money and attention. So when the opportunity came to open my garden it seemed like a perfect way to help the Tiree Church Fabric Appeal Fund ensure that there is a way for future generations, staying or visiting Tiree to come into thoughtful contact with God.

Moira Hookham