Update on Plans for Heylipol Church



Update on Plans for Heylipol Church – 1st March `15.

Making Heylipol Church wind and watertight remains the first phase of work planned, however the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland recently requested preliminary ideas from the Congregational Board about the interior, before they would commit any capital to Phase 1 works.

The Kirk Session and Congregational Board had already spent considerable time discussing various ideas as to how we could meet our need for space. There is a legal duty to provide a toilet in the Church which is accessible for all and as the layout stands, we aren`t providing this. We also don`t have a suitable area for Fellowship, meetings, Sunday School and we presently don`t have a kitchen area or storage. The items from Kirkapol Church remain in a Container and we haven`t been able to integrate those items into Heylipol Church. It seems important that we do so to unite the two buildings and give Kirkapol the rightful place and respect it deserves as part of our history and in our ongoing worship and use of the single building.

The Kirk Session and Congregational Board has decided that the pews in the back area of the Church (to the right as you enter) will be removed. The space created will be flexible in its use by using sliding partition doors. When the Church is full, the sliding partition doors will be opened and the chairs from Kirkapol Church used to provide seating. During regular Sunday worship the soundproofed partition doors will be closed and Sunday School will be held in the space. Glazing will be fitted above the partition doors to ceiling height to allow light from the back area to fill the rest of the Church. A toilet, kitchen area and storage will be contained within the area. This is still a provisional plan, subject to consulting architects and engineers.

The Church of Scotland is in agreement to this plan. They would not support an extension to the existing building due to the costs involved and they advocate efficient use of available space in all their Churches throughout Scotland.

We wish you all to know that this decision has not been taken lightly. It is best that we utilise our remaining building as flexibly as we can to meet our needs and we remember that closing the door at Kirkapol Church meant not just the removal of pews but the removal of a building of worship with all its history, going back many generations.

As members of the Congregational Board, we are happy to discuss this further with anyone who wishes to do so.

The Members are:-  Rev. Elspeth MacLean (Minister); Elspeth MacKinnon (Clerk to Congregational Board);   Judith Boyd (Elder);  Neil Munn (Elder) Pat Boyd (Elder); Ewan      MacKinnon (Elder);  Iain MacKinnon (Elder);  Tony McEwen (Elder); Ian Sharp (Elder); Caroline MacLean (Elder); Lachie MacFadyen (Elder); Catriona MacKinnon (Congregational Board); Mary Ann MacDonald (Congregational Board)